The 289 era of runescape.

The revision #289 of the RuneScape client is from January 23, 2005.

289 ProtocolEdit

The protocol documentation is far from done.

Revision #289 protocol

289 CacheEdit

The 289 cache was approximately 6.51 MB (6,830,749 bytes).

Click here for the 289 cache download: #289 cache

The 289 ClientEdit

The 289 Client itself is comprised of 73 classes, 74 if you count the dummy class.

Here is a download to a very renamed #289 client: Renamed #289 Client

Also here is a non-renamed deob version of the client: Non-renamed #289 Client

Differences from 289 to 317Edit

  • 289 did not have the Farming or Slayer skills
  • 289 did NOT contain the abyssal whip (witch was released less than a month prior to 289)
  • 289's player update masks were different.
  • 289's opcodes are different (as they change with every revision)
  • There are only two inputDialogueStates in 289, were there are 3 in 317.
  • Some aspects of the player updating process are done in different order than 317.
  • Many packets send the information in different orders from 317.