RuneScape during revision 377.

The revision #377 of the RuneScape client is from May 2, 2005.

377 ProtocolEdit

There currently is no information available about the 377 protocol.

377 CacheEdit

The 377 cache was approximately 17.6 MB (18,558,381 bytes).

Click here for the 377 cache download: #377 cache

The 377 ClientEdit

The 377 Client itself is comprised of 74 classes. Here is a download to a very renamed #377 client: Renamed #377 Client

Differences from 317 to 377Edit

  • The clients themeselves are almost identicle.
  • 377 had farming.
  • 377 had updated falador and barbarian village maps.
  • 377 had a newer welcome screen (that covered the full game window).
  • 317 doors had an image over it too appear as a door, unlike 377.

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